Draft Arguement

Hi guys, here is my draft argument.

The choices we make today are important. Our decisions impact us in many ways and some can continue to affect us in the future.  Some decisions shouldn’t be made lightly. As light as a pin prick can feel, the substance that is injected directly into your blood is weighty. Mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium are all elements that can cause serious harm on their own. These are just some of the ingredients used in vaccines today. Vaccines began with a powder made up of ground up scabs of the infected. This was blown up the nose in an attempt to save those who were uninfected, to help the body produce antibodies against the virus by fighting a weakened form. Technology has since evolved with multi-billion-dollar corporations at the head of this research claiming success rates that are far above the actual figure. This creating a demand for studies that call for a true test on whether or not good health or vaccines are best. Injecting these chemicals in our body should always be a choice. Our choice.

Making these decisions are tough and sometimes we turn to our doctor to help us make an educated decision on these treatments. They will often encourage the use of vaccines not only because they are trying to assist you, but also because drug companies offer incentives for doctors to sell their products. To be clear on what is being injected into you and the side effects ask your doctor to see the packing slip. Some of these ingredients could include and are not limited to thimerosal(mercury), formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, MSG, human album, and bovine serum. Each of these ingredients when in contact with you on its own can cause serious side effects when these ingredients are injected directly into the blood with little filtration it can cause severe side effects. The EPA maximum safety limit for Thimerosal is 5mcg, the amount in one flu vaccine is 25mcg. This combined with Aluminium phosphate, known to greatly increase toxicity of mercury, is a concoction that can cause immune and neurological disorders, Dr Mark R. Geier’s study proves link to autism. Bovine serum and human albumin both have the possibility to cause autoimmune disorders ranging from lupus to AID’s. MSG (monosodium glutamate) can cause brain damage. Formaldehyde is carcinogenic and has also been known to fail to deactivate the virus the vaccine is intended to cure, more ingredients and side effects. These are ingredients in some of our well-known vaccines today such as, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Polio vaccines. Also, Attenuvax, MMRvax, Gardasil HPV are all made by Merck. Some of these are injected into children as young as 12 hours to immunise them against diseases such as, Measles, Mumps, Diphtheria.


At 12 hours old a baby’s immune system hasn’t fully developed when a foreign contaminant is introduced via a vaccine. This hinders the development if the system not only from a young age, but also from the abnormal immune system response the vaccine triggers which Dr Brian Boyd explains in more detail, by suppressing the immune system there is more of a likelihood of a person contracting pathogens. By the age of 14 an average child, based on CDC’s recommended vaccines, will have had 49 doses of 14 vaccines. A single vaccine by itself is unlikely to cause serious side effects. However, having multiple vaccines introduced to the body in a short period of time has the potential to cause the side effects, as explained above, that can also manifest later in life. Surveys looking at the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated done by practitioners and volunteers (No official academic research has been done on this topic as it has been deemed unethical), show findings that unvaccinated children have a lower rate of having asthma, sinusitis, skin conditions, and Autism. Autism, a disease that was once almost unheard of, now an increasing occurrence with the FDA confirming this is a possibly from the Tetanus vaccine which most receive around 4 months-old, along with 5 other vaccines in that same month. These vaccines were believed to have been the cause for the end of these epidemics. However, as figure 1 illustrates, the significant decline in the disease happened before the vaccine was introduced to the population.

Private multibillion-dollar corporations such as Merck may not want us knowing about the reduced infection rate of a disease before the vaccine is introduced as they make billions selling these vaccines all around the world. These companies spend millions on pro-vaccine advertising campaigns so that society will continue to purchase vaccines as they believe it is what is best for the community as this is all they see. Vaccine injury compensation program are in place for those who are injured or die from vaccines, the compensation is often no cost to the company and in the rare occasion that there is a cost a few million has little effect on the company’s profits. Merck, the company that make a lot of its profits from the MMR vaccine which is usually prescribed to most children at the age of 12-18month and again at 2-6years old is currently under trial for manipulation test results. Merck states that the MMR vaccines has a 95% effectiveness. The FDA states that to be able to sell a Vaccine its effective needs to be 95% and above. However, before Merck added the rabbit antibodies to the trials the effectiveness sat around 79%. Companies that develop vaccines do their own testing, the FDA doesn’t currently have a lab for testing the effectiveness of new public health products making this an easily accessible area due to vaccines being a public health measure. Former Merck virologist Stephen Krahling states that Merck knew that the vaccines effectiveness was much lower than what they claimed so they produced a booster to make more revenue. That lowering the effectiveness more people will still become infected by the disease, preventing complete eradication.


Some people believe that those who don’t get vaccinated put others at risk of contracting these communicable diseases. Unfortunately, people who have reported to have had the vaccine have been said to contract the disease from the vaccine itself due to the live virus or bacteria within or from another that is infected. Such as the outbreak of Mumps in 2006 where 77% of people who were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine still contracted the virus. Due to vaccines not having 100% effectiveness and some companies falsifying test results, those who are vaccinated are still contracting the disease regardless.


In conclusion, vaccines should always be a choice as there are a lot more to them than just simply being injected with a cure. We should always have the choice if something has the potential to cause harm or death to ourselves or to others. That if vaccine reactions were rare there would be no need for programs such as the Vaccine injury compensation program. That these diseases had a significant decline before the vaccine was introduced shows that vaccines aren’t the only way of fighting a disease and more research is needed into the health of those vaccinated and unvaccinated. While large privately owned corporations are in charge of their own testing and regulations are weak due to vaccines being a public health measure, vaccines should not be compulsory.


13 thoughts on “Draft Arguement

  1. Hi Bianca, thanks for bringing me such an important message, I really learnt a lot from your work. I remember I injected my very first vaccine when I was in primary school, I was too young to know what was that exactly is and what was that gonna help with. I’ve never thought vaccines could have side effects and even could be deadly sometimes.

    A little tip for you hope you find it helpful. According to the criteria, we can use some visuals to incorporate our blog, if you can add some images into your work that would be even better. Your logic is very clear and the whole article is well-organized. It seemed you have a very good sense of what is going on in this field, no matter from the academic aspect or the social aspect.

    Well done and looking forward to seeing your final draft!


    1. Hi Yimo,
      Thank you so much for your comment, I am really glad my point came across and would help someone to make an informed decision.
      Thank you for your suggestion on visuals, that is fantastic and I have a few coming in my second draft such as graphs and a few pictures.
      Thank you for your input


  2. There are heaps of massive claims you are making here, but evidence is pretty light.
    Linking to websites like NaturalNews or VaccineDecision isn’t very persuasive as they will bend information to reinforce the position they are promoting.

    Also your argument that not getting vaccinated doesn’t put other people at risk doesn’t really make sense. The more people that are vaccinated the safer un-vaccinated people are. So that 20-30% of people whose vaccine didn’t work are protected because most people around them are vaccinated. It makes it very hard for disease to spread. But if people choose not to get vaccinated those people who want to be protected but got an unlucky vaccine now have a higher risk of getting sick.


    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your comment and suggestions.
      I will take a closer look at Natural news again and Vaccinedecision, the link to natural news has grouped the ingredients all in one site rather than going through FDA for each ingredient which would mean many hyperlinks and for this task we can’t have too many hyperlinks. All natural news has done is compiled the ingredients and side effects together, so there would be little to manipulate, they can’t make up ingredients that aren’t in a vaccine and side effects that don’t actually happen. For Vaccinedecisions, the article I chose has been written by a doctor explaining how the immune system works again not something that can really be made up or manipulated. However, I will look if I can find another link with all the ingredients in one. Glad that these are the only two bold claims that had passive hyperlinks.

      Regardless if everyone got vaccinated there would still be the chance the communicable disease will be caught because of the rate of effectiveness. This rate may be lower however a clean environment and good health would make a huge difference as well. There is a significant decline in these communicable diseases before the vaccine is even imposed which shows that there are other ways of battling a disease. These other avenues should be better researched and vaccines themselves and their side effects should also be better researched as there is a lot we don’t know about them. Keeping in mind the people that make these don’t often do it for humanity they do it for capitalism, vaccine markets being one of the more accessible pharmaceutical markets. A small comparison, beauty clinics, anyone can buy a laser machine and use it. A lot of burns come out of this and permanent damage including moles getting removed that shouldn’t. This is because there aren’t many regulations, same with vaccines. The FDA doesn’t test the vaccines themselves before they approve it, the company themselves do this. There is a lot of faith in these companies to do the right thing. Unfortunately, time and time again they have proved to be untrustworthy.
      You do make a good point that my reasoning here isn’t very clear so thank you for bringing this to my attention 1000 words is tight to make an argument like this.
      Overall the point is to have a choice, to have a say on what goes into our bodies and our lives, to continue to live in a country that is a democracy not a dictatorship. Same with vaccines it’s a choice that anyone should be able to make for themselves. People die and get harmed everyday by others whether it be by accident or on purpose, selfish or not. When a person or group of people don’t conform, they make it a law to force them to do what they want. Individualism often isn’t accepted, just because those who oppose vaccines and their reasons behind the choice often aren’t heard and said to be crazy, doesn’t make their reasoning any less important. A mother who know their kids, were walking and talking before the vaccine, have the vaccine and suddenly fall ill and their health declines. They know what they have seen, they know their child yet very little has been done to listen to these people, and told it’s not the vaccine that is just a coincidence. People are told their choice is selfish, they may not be getting the vaccine to protect their child, sometimes the negatives outweigh the benefits and for this subject this decision is subjective. A child dying from a vaccine for the best of humanity to lessen the chances another will get sick isn’t a decision I want to make for that mother who lost her child and not one I think anyone else should make for her either. That child’s life wasn’t any less important than the child next to him.

      Thank you for bringing to my attention areas in my argument than need fine tuning and I appreciate you sharing your opinion.



  3. Hi Bianca,

    I really like your opening statement/paragraph with the inclusion of history regarding the issue and also having it be made clear where we are currently with the issue in today’s society. I think you set up the argument well from the beginning and have made it clear which side you are on, meaning it is not confusing for the reader. I like the inclusion of the shorter sentences like “your choice.” I think they add a bold edge and hold a lot of meaning having a solid impact for the readers. I like that throughout your writing you include the audience in terms of using terms like “us” and “we”, I think its effective making it that little bit more personal.

    Overall I think it’s an awesome piece. The hyperlinks are effective and placed well in terms of supporting your points.



  4. Hi Bianca,

    Wow that was so interesting! I had no idea that this was going on. Thank you for giving so much education on this. I think your layout has been structured very well and your introduction is very clear with history and straight to the point with what you will be discussing in the argument. Not sure if I personally agree with your argument 100% but you have made some very valid points and it was very interesting to read thank you!


    1. Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you letting me know what worked for you. I absolutely understand and its great to hear your side as this piece is mainly about educating and the right to have a choice. I’m not saying people shouldn’t get vaccines, vaccines have their place but more research needs to go into them and solutions on how to make them better for our bodies as well. There are approximately 300 vaccines in the pipe line and these companies do their own testing, if vaccines became compulsory how many of these would we be forced to put in our system with little knowledge on the long term effects.
      Thank you for your input and for taking the time to let me know what you think.


  5. Hi Bianca,

    This was such a great topic to choose as I think that many of us do not have an awareness of the points you bring forward. You have mentioned here about cover ups by companies, such as Merck. This is a great point to raise as there seems to be an increasing blur in the line between money and marketing and looking out for the well being of society. I have read in previous instances of pharmaceutical corporation cover ups, and the points you make now add to this list.
    To mention something completely different, I also really like your use of images in the background of your blog as it enhances the overall topic and argument.
    Your blog is looking great!



    1. Hi Megan,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It is sad that money has become more valuable to some people than others lives. I wish I could say pharmaceutical companies would never do these sorts of things but unfortunately, its not the case. Thank you for that I’m glad you like it, I hope it adds the the experience of my blog.


      Liked by 1 person

  6. A very educated argument, and an effective writing style throughout. I know this is still a draft, but it could use some good visuals around various parts, just to keep readers interested and to give a clearer image of some of the kinds of vaccines you’ve written about as well as drugs, you can even take them from your sources. Great blog though, solid structure and information!


    1. Hi Job, excellent suggestions, thank you! That is great to know the structure and information put across my point and helped to make an informed decision. Thanks again for you for letting me know what you thought.


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